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Zanger / Zangeres zoekt band in België - Dé Muzikantenbank

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King Crimsongs

Zanger / Zangeres zoekt band in Vlaams-Brabant (België) | 89x bekeken

King Crimsongs​I look for people interested in progressive rock and in particular King Crimson. My voice matches well with singers such as Adrian Belew, John Wetton, and Greg Lake. (You may listen to some samples ​at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX1ONCEToSxDfoL_i-vphvjvg0ozlEnBB​).

Muzikantenbank user EidonEidon

Singer / bass player looking for a band

Zanger / Zangeres zoekt band in Vlaams-Brabant (België) | 150x bekeken

Singer / bass player looking for a bandI love to sing interesting songs (lead and backing vocals)! My dream would be to sing them live, so I'm looking for a band of like-minded accomplices ^_^ This is a sample of songs that I recorded: "John The Revelator" (Depeche Mode): https://invidio.us/watch?v=-SIDB2h-9hg "Book of Saturday" (King Crimson): https://invidio.us/watch?v=zAN0oJIzTBA "Precious" (Depeche Mode): https://invidio.us/watch?v=v01vIv_d244 "Time" … meer »

Muzikantenbank user EidonEidon

Zanger/Toetsenist (30) zoekt band

Zanger / Zangeres zoekt band in Limburg (België) | 142x bekeken

Na 13 jaar podiumervaring in verschillende coverprojecten (toetsenist, backing vocals, af en toe lead vocals) ben ik op zoek naar een nieuw/bijkomend project (of naar gelijkgestemde muzikanten om samen een nieuw project te starten). Enkele criteria: - Enkel geïnteresseerd in covers, om zo snel mogelijk richting 5 à 15 optredens per jaar te gaan - Ben fan van showbands als Magical Flying Thunderbirds … meer »


Progressive rock

Zanger / Zangeres zoekt band in Vlaams-Brabant (België) | 154x bekeken

Progressive rockI would like to set up or join a progressive rock band. I sing songs such as ​ Lilywhite Lilith https://soundcloud.com/user-565199686/genesis-lilywhite-lilith Book of Saturday https://soundcloud.com/user-565199686/king-crimson-book-of-saturday Fly on the Windshield / Broadway Melody of '74 https://soundcloud.com/user-565199686/genesis-fly-on-a-windshield-broadway-melody-of-1974 ​​​​Anyway​​ … meer »

Muzikantenbank user EidonEidon

Soul Singer Looking For a Band

Zanger / Zangeres zoekt band in Antwerpen (België) | 363x bekeken

Soul Singer Looking For a BandHi, there! I am a 34y Brazilian woman looking for a nice band or inspired people to make some nice music together - of our own in the future but we can start with some covers, such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Alicia Keys , Shirley Bassey among many other great names. Reach out if you have some interest!

Muzikantenbank user Hadassa EsterHadassa Ester